Monday, December 7, 2009

Long time no bark

Hello everyone!

Mommy has been hogging the computer because she has finals coming up and lots of projects due for school. But we found a few minutes to give you some updates!

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit just before Thanksgiving. Cody showed Grandma how he likes to be a lapdog.

I think I fit better.

And she even gave me a nice back rub!

Our Aunt and Uncle sent me this snappy looking jacket for me because it didn't fit Cora and Sophia (the silky terriers) and they are girls anyway! Unfortunately it is a tad too big so I can't go motorcycle riding quite yet (and Mommy and Daddy would need to buy a motorcycle too so at this point it's just too big of an investment for the sake of looking cool). I do think I look pretty handsome in it, don't you?

Mommy snapped this picture of Cody sleeping last night. He looks like a pretzel!

And then she got this one just a few minutes ago. That green rubber thing is his best friend. I think it smells funny.

We are heading to St. Louis for Christmas and New Years...which means I get to take my pills so I don't get carsick on the 12 hour drive! We are excited to get more attention from Mommy and Daddy's families but are nervous about meeting our new cousin (of the hooman variety). Hopefully she likes us and we can manage to stay on our best behavior!

Peace out pups!