Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not so wordless Wednesday

Mommy taught me how to help with laundry today. As some of you know, I love socks. I was watching her pull lots of socks out of the dryer this morning and I sat quietly and watched as each one of them came out of the dryer. She knows how much I love socks so she gave one to me. Then she took it away and threw it in the dryer! That was mean of her. But I really wanted the sock so I jumped in after it! Once I got in there I realized why socks like it so much - it is a nice, cozy, and confined space - which I love!

Mommy made me get out and then gave me another sock. I decided the sock probably wanted to go back into the dryer so I put it back. She tried giving me more socks to put in the dryer but I figured they didn't want to be too crowded in there. Cody was distracting me anyway. I liked being in the dryer because he is too big to get in there with me!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rescue doggies!

We have had a crazy evening tonight. Mommy brought two of her friends home and we all set out for a walk...we were very excited to meet some new people! About 10 minutes into the walk we found a little black doggy. He smelled funny and had an infected eye, but he was very friendly and kept trying to sniff us and follow us. Mommy figured if he followed us home she could call a shelter to figure out what to do with him. It was pretty obvious that he was not near where he was supposed to be as we were in the middle of a pretty big field between the backs of houses. So we kept walking until we got to the main road of the subdivision, which is pretty busy. Mommy unhooked me from my leash and carried me so the little black doggy could borrow my leash and not run out into the street. I got to ride in style! But I would rather have been down on the ground trying to sniff this new dude!

So anyways, we're walking along and guess what...ANOTHER doggy starts following us! This one looked healthier and probably was close to his home but he kept following us. Mommy saw someone and asked if the person recognized this 2nd doggy and they had never seen him before, so we all came back to our house. Mommy put me and Cody in our kennels and the other two ran around in the backyard while she tried calling animal control and local shelters - after about a bazillion phone calls she finally called our vet who told her she could bring the doggys into them to see if there was a microchip, but they couldn't keep them overnight and they were over an hour away. The alternative was to take them to the Aurora Animal Shelter where they have night drop that is what Mommy decided to do.

Mommy told me that she filled out paperwork and then each doggy went into a different little compartment with food and water and a nice bed before the door locked behind them. She was upset at the thought that these dogs might not be claimed, but is hopeful that things will turn out ok with them.

As a reminder to all of our other doggy pals - make sure that your humans put a tag on your collar with your name and a phone number or address! If you are microchipped, make sure that your humans fill out the paperwork and send it in (it is not done automatically when you get that nasty shot) and if you move...make sure they update your information!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009


It snowed briefly today! We think it is too early. Then as we were getting ready to write about how we tore up lots of boxes today it started sleeting so Mommy got a video of Cody trying to figure out what was falling from the sky!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sad day at the dog park

Today we went to play at the dog park and we heard the "Daddy" of a B-E-UTIFUL Siberian Husky talking about how he was thinking of giving her away. He has only had her for 3 months. His reason? She was cutting into "his" time...he wanted to be playing tennis instead of being at the dog park and did not like that she was interrupting his social life. Has he not figured out that dogs are the center of the world? Tennis is not more important than we are. At least it shouldn't be. But he should have thought about that before he made the commitment to take her.

And now, a rare peek - both of us sitting calmly in a picture...together!

We're sleepy, it's time for bed. Only 3 more weeks until we get to see our Daddy and our couch again! This lawn chair just isn't doing it for me. Oh yeah, Mommy's excited too.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Such a good helper

Today I helped Mommy while she was working on her first quilt. I tested it out and made sure that it was initially comfy was! And that was even before it had any fluff inside of it!

Cody gave Mommy a scare too - it even startled me! She was standing on one side of the quilt on the floor and had some fabric in her hand. Instead of walking around the quilt to get to the other side she decided just to take a gigantic leap over it - Cody freaked out and growled at her! He also immediately started wagging his tail and apologizing but it scared everyone! He's been really jumpy lately - not sure why.