Sunday, February 14, 2010

Free photo leash!

Hi guys!
Our mom follows a website called "Hey It's Free" and this was today's offer:

Between now and 02/19, you can get a free dog leash (with no shipping charge) from Snapfish, which is a retail value of $25.99. In order to score the freebie, here’s what to do:

  • Create a new Snapfish account
  • Click ‘your account’ then ‘redeem’ next to the dog leash offer
  • Search for ‘leash’ then build your custom dog leash
  • Begin the checkout process and use code PRESDAY to knock off the shipping charge
So go get yourself a new fancy excuses, it's free!

In other news - we haven't been up to much since our last post. Our grandma is coming to visit on Wednesday and we are very excited because we won't have to stay in our kennels while Mommy and Daddy are away at school all day on Thursday and Friday. We get to sit on the couch (or the floor in Cody's case) and watch the Olympics!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday...all at once!

Yeah yeah, we know. We disappeared. We're sorry. We got some guff over the holidays for not updating and Mommy should be doing homework so guess what - she's helping us update our blog instead!

St. Louis was fun! I managed not to throw up in the car on the way to St. Louis. Go me! I did throw up once in a drive through when Mommy and Daddy were getting Culvers (love their french fries...yum!) but I hadn't gotten my medicine that day. We shuffled back and forth between Mommy and Daddy's families for 2 weeks, which I think was more exhausting for them than it was for us. We got to sniff in 2 different yards and play with different people! We got to play with our Aunt Coco and Uncle Gizzy for a few days. Here's a pic of us on Christmas Eve.

We got Denver Bronco's jerseys from our Grandma for Christmas - we will be stylish for this years superbowl even though they aren't playing. At least next season we'll be ready!

Here's a pic of our family on Christmas Day. Daddy didn't like having to shave every day in the military - he thought our furry coats are so great that he decided to grow out a goatee. This was about 2 weeks before Mommy "suggested" he shave it...hehe.

New Years came and went and we even stayed up until midnight. We got to drink something called champagne - Cody liked it but I didn't! Cody would be a lush if Mommy and Daddy would let him - he'll drink anything!

We were sad to leave our extended families behind, but it was nice to get back to our yard and not have to ride in the car every other day. Plus, once we got back it was our birthdays! Mommy and Daddy don't know our exact birthdays, so we get to share our Grandpa's (he doesn't like it when we call him that, but Grandma does) and our Uncles' (both of Mommy's brothers' ) birthdays, which is January 19th! When I was adopted in May of 2007 they said I was 3 -4 months that means I am now 3! Cody was adopted at the end of July 2008 and they said he was 7 - 8 months he is now 2! Happy Birthday to us!

All I got for my birthday was a stinkin' haircut. And a bad one at that :( We're not going back to this groomer, after Mommy asked for a "little bit of fluff" on my head. Look what they left! By the way, I did not like it when Mommy put the tie in my hair, but I posed pretty well just to show you how bad the haircut was. The rest of my body besides my head is shaved. If only I could get my paws on that groomer...why I'd...

Er, nevermind. We should probably stop for now so Mommy can actually do her homework. Peace!