Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Well, we are getting ready to head to the Country Club for our vacation while Mommy and Daddy head back to St. Louis for the holidays. They stayed up reeeeeally late last night getting ready and when Mommy tried to sit down at her computer I was taking up as much space as possible so she would leave me worked!

See you in 2011!
-Yoshi and Cody

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Death to stuffies!

Mommy and Daddy bought me my first stuffie tonight! Don't get me wrong, they buy me plenty of toys but maybe you can see why stuffies are never brought into the house. I do much better with kongs or stuffed bones. They bought a mallard stuffie because I loved the one that my friend Kaos had.

The aftermath (approximately 5 minutes later):


Pee SSS - do you like our new look?

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I was tiiiired last night. Mommy was doing homework on the bed and I rolled over (as shown). She couldn't resist. She googled "sideways head" and didn't come up with anything, and then tried to think of what already had a sideways head...not a cow, not a horse, not even a cool lizard, but a fish. Gee, thanks, Mom.

(note from Mommy - this was in no way set up, and he stayed like this long enough for me to search google images and get off the bed to grab my camera)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Mommy's sister and her husband came to visit at the end of August...we never posted about it because Mommy has been so busy, but here are a few pics from the trip to the big dog park!

On the way to the creek

Cody shaking off

Daddy playing fetch with us

We were so excited to have visitors! While they were here Mommy and Daddy left us at home and went down to Colorado Springs to go to the top of Pike's Peak...we wanted to go but we weren't allowed on the train that went to the top.

They also went to Estes Park and bought some tee shirts and had ice cream (without us, again!) Here's a picture of Debbie and Andy at somewhere other than sea level (Cody would love to go on their boat someday!)

Thanks for sticking with us even though Mommy doesn't have much time to post - we still read most of what you guys write!
-Yoshi and Cody

Oh, and pee ssss

Mommy and Daddy finished the deck -finally! Here's a pic of us before the spindles went on and before staining

Ta da! Look how big it is compared to me!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Mommy is back in school and is also in a really hard clinical rotation so she apologizes to all of our loyal readers that she hasn't been able to help us post more. Here are some of the much-anticipated pictures from camping!

Here is a candid of most of the group hanging out at Turquoise Lake, CO (near Leadville, for you CO doggies!) We found an awesome camping spot right up a hill from this lake and Mommy and Daddy said we did really really well with camping. We looooved running around and trying to snatch food from all of Mommy's classmates (the girls on the rocks) and their significant others!

One classmate even brought her new doggie - Grizzly! We enjoyed running around and playing with him. He is a boxer/mastiff mix and Mommy loves this picture because someday he will be bigger than Cody!

Daddy threw me in the lake. I was not happy.

But Cody had a great time swimming and chasing floaty toys!

He was pooped from all that swimming!

Mommy has to do some more work so I guess this post is done. Hope you enjoyed our camping pictures!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

We're going camping!

And no, not in our living room...Mommy just wanted to set up the new tent to make sure everything was in box. We loved walking in and out and in and out! Mommy and Daddy are going to have to tape my collar together while we're out in the wilderness though because I like to walk around at night and my collar jingles. Her alternative was finding a doggie sleeping bag that zips all the way around to wrap me up like a taco, but Daddy protested.

We can't wait to post pics next week of our big adventure!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

All about our

We got this idea from Oskar - click the linky/picture above to learn more!

We live in Denver, CO but before this we lived in North Dakota. Mommy and Daddy are both originally from the St. Louis, MO area but now love living with a view of the mountains! They love traveling and seeing new places so what better place to live than a vacation destination?

Daddy got out of the Air Force last year and is going to school full time for his bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. In his spare time, he plays with us, plays video games, and builds things (like our new deck!) He also loves backpacking but has yet to convince Mommy to go on a true multi-day backpacking trip. We would be excited to go! We need a bigger tent first!

Mommy is getting her Master's in Genetic Counseling. Most of you probably haven't heard of it, so don't worry! She has 1 year left and then will hopefully find a job in the Denver area next year. In her spare time (which she doesn't have much of), she enjoys taking us to the doggy park, taking fancy pictures, quilting, and is looking forward to being able to relax on our new deck!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our let's hear about yours!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

1 year celebration!

Hello! We let our 1 year blogging anniversary fly by, so here we are 3 days late with some pictures and even a video for you to enjoy.

It has been HOT here! Maybe not as hot as Arizona or as our grandparents in Missouri, but we don't have air conditioning here so we are hot inside and hot outside too! Last weekend was Mommy's friend's birthday so we went to the BIG dog park with them after getting some ice cream. (Turns out, Yoshi didn't like ice cream, so he gave his to Lacey, our new friend). The big dog park is at a state park - it is 300 acres of off leash heaven! We even got to play in a creek! Mommy was going to take her nice camera but the weather turned kind of nasty so she left it in the car and is still waiting to get pictures from her friend. But here is Yoshi checking out the ice cream and the remnants of Cody's ice cream bowl!

Mommy and Daddy have been spending almost every weekend this summer building us a new deck. Here is their progress (please excuse Awkward Cody who doesn't like being on his back!)

Mommy happened to snap this picture of Cody and Daddy - it is one of her new favorites. Look how happy Cody looks to be sitting on Daddy's lap!

Mommy and Daddy were tired after working on the deck and didn't feel like cooking so they went to Sonic. They didn't share their tater tots, but Yoshi got a hold of a napkin...almost as good!

We will be participating in Oskar's "All About Your People Day" this weekend - so stay tuned!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Not so Happy 4th of July!

We've tried to make the best of it. Yoshi had to go for a haircut so Cody got ice cream! (Hardly fair) Good Times has a special treat just for dogs with custard, dog treats, and peanut butter - and they freeze it so it took awhile for him to get through! Sorry the pic is turned funny - Mommy is having issues again.

Mommy and Daddy headed over to our neighbor's house for some BBQ and it started raining on them. Not just raining though - hailing! They are crossing their fingers that our tornado watch doesn't turn into anything!

We are not liking the fireworks - how about you guys?

Sunday, June 27, 2010


We have been busy helping Mommy and Daddy build a new deck. As soon as they got our doggy door installed they tore down our old deck (it basically crumbled as soon as they started, so it was definitely time to be replaced). Since we have a split level house, the only exit to the back yard is now through the basement window, so we have all been using the couch as a jumping point to get out there. Cody especially loves it because he has never been allowed on the couch before (Mommy keeps catching him taking naps on it now but isn't saying anything until the deck is done). So here are some pictures of the progress so far. Today some of the basic framing went up. We will all be glad to have things back to normal!

Looking down from the back door.

The couch is protected and ready to be trampled on!

In use

Yoshi gives the framing his paw of approval. Those are temporary planks just for show.

Oh, and for those of you who read our post about our neighbor doggie, Dakota - his family has decided to keep him after all. We are glad and will miss him once he goes to his new house.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Please help!

Our neighbor came over and asked if we would be able to take their dog, Dakota. They are moving and have to spend some time in a motel for awhile and decided that they cannot afford him any longer. If there is anyone in the Denver area that you know who wo to adopt him, please let us know. If they can't find a home by Saturday he is going to the pound :(

He is a very nice doggie - he is about 12 years old, fixed, house trained, good with kids, and very easy going. He gets along with us just fine so I'm sure he would get along with you! He is about 60-70lbs. Please please please spread the word like wildfire and let us know if you are interested!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Silly photo challenge

Hello everyone!
This is Mommy here. Yoshi found this link and decided he wanted to participate in the Silly Photo Challenge! I also decided to add a few pictures of our trip to Belize a few years ago. Photo credits for those two are MY mom and a friend of the family, but they were on our trip and are indeed funny so I thought I'd share!

First, here are Yoshi's entries.
There is a reason the block of cement was in place - he didn't quite figure that one out and got stuck!

Spring thaw.

This one was on accident - fish fry anyone?

This one was not so much on accident, but funny none-the-less. And yes, he's holding lighter fluid!

Feel free to stop by the SquirrelQueen's blog to check out other silly photos!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What's in a name?

Mommy and Daddy have lots of nicknames for us.

Stinky butt
Little dude

Cods (with the long o)
Big dude

When Cody was adopted he already had his name and Mommy and Daddy decided they wouldn't change it. That explains why many of our nicknames sound the same.

Do your humans have any nicknames for you?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer is here!

Mommy finished her finals and is now halfway through her master's degree - yay Mommy! The day she finished them our Grandma and Grandpa (Daddy's parents) came to visit us for a week. We got to go to the "Shylo Country Club" for a weekend visit while they hiked in Boulder without us (there wasn't enough room in the car for 4 humans and the 2 of us). We enjoyed ourselves and got an A+ on our report card! The people at Shylo were impressed with how well Yoshi played with other little dogs and mentioned that Cody was always bouncing off the walls with energy. We would love to go back sometime, but especially because Cody heard they have a pool! Unfortunately it wasn't open while we were there, but if we go later this summer it will be!

Once we got back from Shylo we helped with some house projects...this one is our favorite! Mommy and Daddy were tired of flies getting in when they left the back door open, but since we don't have air conditioning we never really had a choice! Well now, we have our own door and can go out whenever we want! It took us awhile to get used to it (especially Yoshi) but now we are both pros. Sorry the picture of Cody is crooked, Mommy doesn't know how to get it to turn and she says she didn't turn the camera to take it so she has no idea why it is showing up sideways.

Our house got a new front door and a new ceiling fan in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom to keep us nice and cool.

Mommy really likes this pic of us sleeping - we don't usually sleep together but Yoshi flopped out of his bed onto Cody so it just happened that Mommy had a camera handy!

Mommy has also been getting in touch with her photographer side. She would love to photograph humans, but since we have no family nearby she figured she would start with us. So here are a few pics from her photography adventures!

Well we better go. We are hoping Mommy and Daddy decide to take us to the dog park today but it is starting to get too hot so we need to go soon!