Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Keeping busy

I've been busy around here! I've been helping Daddy take apart some fence panels in the backyard.

As you can see from the stakes and the big orange straps we have been having fence issues anyway, so I'm just trying to do my part until they get around to fixing it! Although I think I'm more excited that they might be fixing our yard soon...we've been digging to try to get them to start but they've been doing other house projects. (Even though a new roof and a new bathroom don't do US much good!) The yard is gross and the previous owners of this house didn't bother to take care of it.

The other day Daddy grilled a steak just for us! Here's me hogging the bone from Cody.

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit a few weeks ago...look what I got! It fits me perfectly. I destroyed my Uncle Gizzy's bed when I went to visit them over Christmas a few years ago so Mommy and Daddy haven't let me have a bed of my own since then. But I've gotten older and convinced them that I won't destroy it. (Ok, maybe not - I've been digging a hole in our big couch and Mommy and Daddy have revoked my couch privileges, so they bought me a bed of my own. Don't they understand that we have to scratch and turn around 3 times before lying down? What did they expect my nails would do to the couch?)

Anyway, I know you are all jealous of my new bed!