Sunday, July 18, 2010

All about our

We got this idea from Oskar - click the linky/picture above to learn more!

We live in Denver, CO but before this we lived in North Dakota. Mommy and Daddy are both originally from the St. Louis, MO area but now love living with a view of the mountains! They love traveling and seeing new places so what better place to live than a vacation destination?

Daddy got out of the Air Force last year and is going to school full time for his bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. In his spare time, he plays with us, plays video games, and builds things (like our new deck!) He also loves backpacking but has yet to convince Mommy to go on a true multi-day backpacking trip. We would be excited to go! We need a bigger tent first!

Mommy is getting her Master's in Genetic Counseling. Most of you probably haven't heard of it, so don't worry! She has 1 year left and then will hopefully find a job in the Denver area next year. In her spare time (which she doesn't have much of), she enjoys taking us to the doggy park, taking fancy pictures, quilting, and is looking forward to being able to relax on our new deck!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our let's hear about yours!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

1 year celebration!

Hello! We let our 1 year blogging anniversary fly by, so here we are 3 days late with some pictures and even a video for you to enjoy.

It has been HOT here! Maybe not as hot as Arizona or as our grandparents in Missouri, but we don't have air conditioning here so we are hot inside and hot outside too! Last weekend was Mommy's friend's birthday so we went to the BIG dog park with them after getting some ice cream. (Turns out, Yoshi didn't like ice cream, so he gave his to Lacey, our new friend). The big dog park is at a state park - it is 300 acres of off leash heaven! We even got to play in a creek! Mommy was going to take her nice camera but the weather turned kind of nasty so she left it in the car and is still waiting to get pictures from her friend. But here is Yoshi checking out the ice cream and the remnants of Cody's ice cream bowl!

Mommy and Daddy have been spending almost every weekend this summer building us a new deck. Here is their progress (please excuse Awkward Cody who doesn't like being on his back!)

Mommy happened to snap this picture of Cody and Daddy - it is one of her new favorites. Look how happy Cody looks to be sitting on Daddy's lap!

Mommy and Daddy were tired after working on the deck and didn't feel like cooking so they went to Sonic. They didn't share their tater tots, but Yoshi got a hold of a napkin...almost as good!

We will be participating in Oskar's "All About Your People Day" this weekend - so stay tuned!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Not so Happy 4th of July!

We've tried to make the best of it. Yoshi had to go for a haircut so Cody got ice cream! (Hardly fair) Good Times has a special treat just for dogs with custard, dog treats, and peanut butter - and they freeze it so it took awhile for him to get through! Sorry the pic is turned funny - Mommy is having issues again.

Mommy and Daddy headed over to our neighbor's house for some BBQ and it started raining on them. Not just raining though - hailing! They are crossing their fingers that our tornado watch doesn't turn into anything!

We are not liking the fireworks - how about you guys?