Thursday, October 21, 2010


Mommy's sister and her husband came to visit at the end of August...we never posted about it because Mommy has been so busy, but here are a few pics from the trip to the big dog park!

On the way to the creek

Cody shaking off

Daddy playing fetch with us

We were so excited to have visitors! While they were here Mommy and Daddy left us at home and went down to Colorado Springs to go to the top of Pike's Peak...we wanted to go but we weren't allowed on the train that went to the top.

They also went to Estes Park and bought some tee shirts and had ice cream (without us, again!) Here's a picture of Debbie and Andy at somewhere other than sea level (Cody would love to go on their boat someday!)

Thanks for sticking with us even though Mommy doesn't have much time to post - we still read most of what you guys write!
-Yoshi and Cody

Oh, and pee ssss

Mommy and Daddy finished the deck -finally! Here's a pic of us before the spindles went on and before staining

Ta da! Look how big it is compared to me!