Saturday, October 31, 2009

Snow Days!

Sorry for our absence! Mommy and Daddy have been busy unpacking all of our stuff and rearranging things and then we got our first big snow of the year! We were both born and raised in North Dakota so we are used to snow, but usually it is too cold to go out and play in it! So when Mommy got the day off from school we went as a family to the dog park down the street. We had a blast running around, but unfortunately no other doggies were there to play. My hair is too long so I got snowballs stuck to me (I have a grooming appointment on Monday so I will be ready for the next snow fall) and I didn't like it. My sweater got lost in the move so my tummy was cold too.

Here's some pictures and a short video of our snow day!
Here's us running at the park.

Cody stays warmer than I do because his fur is different

I like sticking my head in the snow.

Our front yard. It was pretty deep!

I wasn't in the picture because I was cold and sitting on the porch waiting to go inside. My leash got stuck in a snowball which stuck to my fur so Daddy couldn't get it off!

And a video of us running at the dog park!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We will post pictures later tonight or tomorrow hopefully of us in our costumes and Mommy and Daddy in theirs! Be safe if you go out trick or treating! We will be handing out candy to all of our neighbor kids!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We have stuff!

Sorry for the long break! As you might have gathered from some of our previous posts, our Mommy has been living in our new house in Colorado for the past few months while our Daddy had to stay at our old house. You see, we were Air Force brats! But Daddy just finished his enlistment so Mommy left us with one of her new classmates and she got on a plane and went back to North Dakota to help Daddy bring our stuff down to Colorado. We behaved ourselves very well while she was gone, except for Cody waking the "dogsitter" up at 6:45am every day (that is when Mommy usually gets up).

So now we have our couch and our normal food dishes (they were forgotten so we have been eating out of nasty old plastic bowls) and lots more cardboard boxes to destroy (among many other things)! Mommy decided that I must have been a mountain goat in a previous life because I love climbing things! After this picture was taken Daddy put up a big metal rack to arrange all of our boxes and I somehow managed to climb it and get on that window sill right behind me. But once I climb up I can't climb back down so I just sit and whimper until someone comes to get me!

Different room, same story.

And now for some pictures of Mommy's trip even though we didn't get to go. Here's Daddy getting an awfully nice looking gift from his shop chief at his going away party (Daddy is on the right).

Mommy always wanted to stop and take a picture of the front of our first home before we left and she finally did it after they left for the last time!

They saw lots of snow on their way back to Colorado - this particular place was saying 15 inches of snow, but luckily it was all on the grass and not the roads or else we would have been staying by ourselves that night!

I'm going to go snuggle on our couch now, see you later dudes!

Oh, and PeeS - Mommy ended up doing better than she thought on her test - I guess all of my explanations paid off!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Studious. Or not.

Mommy had a test on Friday. She was learning a lot of complicated things, but she just couldn't get the hang of something in the cell cycle. I tried my best to explain it to her, it really wasn't that difficult.

It was very frustrating though because she just didn't seem to understand.

Meanwhile, Cody just sat there and didn't help at all!

I finally gave up. Her test grade will probably reflect this.