Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Mommy is back in school and is also in a really hard clinical rotation so she apologizes to all of our loyal readers that she hasn't been able to help us post more. Here are some of the much-anticipated pictures from camping!

Here is a candid of most of the group hanging out at Turquoise Lake, CO (near Leadville, for you CO doggies!) We found an awesome camping spot right up a hill from this lake and Mommy and Daddy said we did really really well with camping. We looooved running around and trying to snatch food from all of Mommy's classmates (the girls on the rocks) and their significant others!

One classmate even brought her new doggie - Grizzly! We enjoyed running around and playing with him. He is a boxer/mastiff mix and Mommy loves this picture because someday he will be bigger than Cody!

Daddy threw me in the lake. I was not happy.

But Cody had a great time swimming and chasing floaty toys!

He was pooped from all that swimming!

Mommy has to do some more work so I guess this post is done. Hope you enjoyed our camping pictures!


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  1. We LOVED your camping pictures!!!!! And Moma knows exactly where you went. We keep hoping maybe someday we'll get to go camping, but Moma says she's getting too ... well ... we won't go there. Let's just say we're trying to talk Gramma into getting an Are Vee since we think a tent is not in our future. (Personally we think a tent'd be a lot more fun. We've heard some great stories!)

    Tell your moma good luck with school and her clinical rotation. Though we know it's not about luck. It's about hard work. And supportive pups.

    Jake and Fergs xxoo