Friday, July 24, 2009

Shots and Dog Park

Hi guys, it's Cody for a change!

I had to go to the vet today to get a shot and some nasty nose spray. Mommy doesn't like my vet very much so I guess it's good that we're moving so hopefully I can get a nicer person. But that's another story.

She felt bad for me because I haven't gotten to run around much and because I had to get poked, so she took me to the doggie park for the first time! I was the only big dog there at first so I had to run around by myself which was still fun when she would throw my ball. Then another dog finally showed up but I was already tired and didn't feel like running a whole lot so I let him chase the ball. Mommy forgot to take pictures when he showed up but here are some pictures from when I was by myself.

The dog park is nice and big for me to stretch my legs!

Can you see how happy I am to be running without Yoshi bothering me?!

I was pooped on the way home so I squeezed myself onto the floor where it was nice and cool. Ahh, air conditioned bliss!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pictures from Bath Time post and Denver

I decided to use mommy's computer to upload pictures since daddy's computer wasn't working very well. So here are some pictures from when I jumped in the tub a few days ago!

Here I am licking up some drippings from the human's showers.

Mmmmmm, yummy and refreshing!

Mommy made me get out after a little bit because she was grossed out...hey, I eat poop, how is this worse for me?!

Cody was not sure why mommy was taking pictures of all of this so he stayed out of the action (maybe because mommy has been known to surprisingly turn the water on without warning).

In other news, Cody and I have figured out that something is going on because the humans are starting to build boxes and they are putting things in them. Books, clothes, our toys, and more. They have told us that we're moving to Denver and that we will be playing outside more often and have a bigger yard to run in. I sure hope this Denver place is more exciting than North Dakota!


Thursday, July 16, 2009


Mommy got a roomba robotic vacuum awhile ago and I have always been a little scared of it, but today I decided to yell at it to quiet down. It didn't work, and just kept on making noise. Mommy's memory card for her camera was full, so she couldn't get more than this little clip.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bath Fun

No we didn't get baths today, but I did decide to jump in the tub and lick up all of the yummy drippings from the human's showers! I will post pictures soon but daddy's computer is acting fussy so I will have to do it later. Bummer. I better go try to get mommy's attention and make her realize that it is dinner time. Later dudes!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hello! Time for some introductions!

Hello everyone!

My name is Yoshi and I am a 2 and a half year old Lhasa Apso/Shih-Tzu mix - or so my humans think! They rescued me from the humane society in May 2007 when I was still little and adorable (boy did I fool them!) I was their first baby so I will always hold a special place in their hearts. My adopted mommy used to volunteer at the humane society and saw me in my kennel after I had been rescued from a ditch...I don't really remember what happened to me or why I was in a ditch, but that is how the humane society humans found me. She brought me into the playroom and sat on the floor while I sniffed around. This room had so many funky smells! But she seemed awfully nice so I jumped in her lap and looked up at her. She wouldn't call me by the name that the humane society gave me (Bubbles - yuck!) so I liked her right away. I guess she went home and talked to my future adopted daddy and they came back the next day to adopt me.

My adopted mommy and daddy have since figured out that I may have been in a fire before I was in that ditch - I tense up a lot when I hear fire trucks and one time they burnt something on the stove and it made these terrible things on the ceiling start screaming as the house filled with smoke...I didn't like it at all so I frantically tried running around looking for a place to hide from the screaming and eventually they opened a door and I ran as fast as I could to get outside and I wouldn't go back in until the smoke cleared and my mommy picked me up and made me go back. But like I said, I really don't remember what happened so we will probably never know for sure.

I got my adopted mommy and daddy trained pretty quickly! But they took lots of my fun toys away from me because I liked causing trouble when I was little. I especially loved pulling the toilet paper from the bathroom into the living room to show them how strong it was. But they close the door now so I can't do that anymore. They still let me play with socks though. I LOOOOOVE socks!! I like to pounce on them and shake my head with them so I can show them who is boss.

Now let me tell you a little about my brother, Cody. In July 2008, Daddy decided that I should have a friend because I was lonely by myself (which I will admit was true, even though Cody gets on my nerves) so he and mommy started looking on for a new friend. Eventually they found Cody who was at the same shelter that I came from. He was a 7 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix. Mommy went to see him and apparently he had a similar tactic to what I did because she fell in love with him too! But she was a little more wary to get Cody because he had more of a history than I did. His previous humans bought him at one of those horrible pet stores but he had too much energy and they couldn't handle him. So they took him to the humane society. This made my mommy nervous because he jumped up on people and chewed on things and she didn't know how he would do in our house.

But she and daddy went back a few more times and then decided that they were going to let me come so I could help them decide what to do. I didn't like it at all! They took me back into the same room that I first met mommy in and I was very scared because the room still smelled very strange and I didn't know what was going on. I thought that they might be taking me back for some reason. Then they brought in Cody who was about twice my size and he kept trying to stand on top of me! What the heck was he thinking?! Talk about rude! So I put up my defense and growled and tried to show him who was boss. The humane society people didn't think that we would be a good match (and I didn't think so either) so mommy and daddy left without him. But they knew that I didn't feel comfortable there so they decided to try again and see if I would like him more outside without all the weird smells. I liked him much more once I didn't have to worry that they were going to leave me there. So that is the story of how we got my brother.

He is crazy! At first he chewed up everything in the house and we both had to stay in our kennels during the day because he would try to eat everything. I'm sure he didn't know any better but it didn't make mommy and daddy very happy! He chewed on books, shoes, pillows, the leather couch, the coffee table, the human dinner table, and anything he could get his mouth on. But now that he's been around for a year he's calmed down a lot and we get to stay out of our kennels most of the time.

I guess that is a long enough letter for now, but at least you know who we are now! We are very excited that mommy and daddy are letting us tell our stories, so we hope you enjoy reading this!